Attention Small Business Owners!

Feeling disconnected from your future plans? Struggling to turn your small business into an asset that supports your retirement? It's time to take control of your path and work towards securing your future with our groundbreaking program tailored specifically for small businesses.

We understand that building a business is about more than just counting profits. It's about creating a legacy that promotes financial stability and freedom for years to come. That's why our Done in Five Program is here to help you turn your dreams and goals into a reality.

With our program, you won't just be guessing your way through the chaotic world of entrepreneurship. We will work with you, hand in hand, to identify your current state, map out your path to success, and provide you with the guidance you need to make the right decisions for your business and retirement.

Imagine defining your desired income and lifestyle, aligning your values with your actions, and creating a strategic plan to maximize your business's value. Our expert team will also show you how to enhance your business systems and marketability, ensuring a smooth and lucrative exit plan when the time comes. But we don't stop there. We know that motivation is key to achieving long-term success. That's why we offer continuous support throughout the process.

Don't let your dreams fade away. Sign up now to begin unlocking the potential of your business as an asset for your retirement and join the countless small business owners who have already transformed their businesses with the Done in Five Program.

Your future self will thank you!

  • 6-Week Workshop Begins on Tuesday, January 9, 2024.
  • Each Weekly Call Starts at 12 PM PST / 1 PM MST /
    2 PM CST / 3 PM EST.
  • Each Call is 75 Minutes Long.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to your Done in Five Workshop - 10 Minutes

    • How to Navigate your Done in Five Workshop - 2 Minutes

    • What to Expect... The Time Commitment is Important - 5 Minutes

    • How to use this platform - 1 Minute

  2. 2
    • Done In Five Workshop Calendar Dates and Times - 5 Minutes

    • Done In Five Workshop & Support Calls: Click Here for Zoom Link to Access Meeting - 5 Minutes

    • Call Recordings - 5 Minutes

  3. 3
    • Done In Five Workshop & Support Calls- 24 Hour Upload - 2 Minutes

  4. 4
    • Done In Five Workshop Assessments - 2 Minutes

    • SCORE Assessment - 30 Minutes

    • Fix This Next - 15 Minutes

    • Sweet Spot - 10 Minutes

    • Done In Five Assessment

  5. 5
    • LIVE WORKSHOP LINK: Envisioning the future and taking action

    • LIVE WORKSHOP EXERCISE - Personal Vision PDF

    • HOMEWORK - Bucket List

    • HOMEWORK - Create Your Vision Board

    • Additional Resources

  6. 6
    • Live workshop Link Week 2: Envisioning the future and taking action

  7. 7
    • Live workshop Link Week 3: The Gap

    • Live Workshop Exercise: Retirement Savings Calculator

    • Additional Resources: The 10-10-10 method

Meet Your Instructor

Linda Stapf

Linda launched her business, Stapf Financial, back in 1988 to help business owners create and manage wealth by managing their numbers. Then she discovered Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. It's a cash management system that is easy to understand and simple to implement. She LOVED the concept so much that she decided to implement it herself. The problem is, she went from zero to her goal numbers without any steps in between. And she broke it! She was making drastic transfers from one account to another, without ever doing an expense review or taking small steps forward. And she had to start all over again. So now she's bringing all her knowledge, training, AND experience to her small business clients. She put together an easy-to-follow plan. They move forward toward their goals incrementally. That way progress is consistent, real, and sustainable. And they get real and measurable results. Linda has pioneered the Done in Five plan to help her clients position themselves to sell or retire from their business within 5 years. They don't have to do that, but they have the choice. That's real freedom. And now, you can have it too!